The longest and most profound journey made by a man during that strange adventure which is his life occurs every night in the kingdom of his dreams. And every night those things he did not understand during his waking hours come in search of him: the pain he has both suffered and inflicted, guilt and yearning, beauty and terror. Dreams are the other life of man.


Choreography : Gentian Doda & Dimo Kirilov

Orginal Music & Collage : Joaquin Segade

Set Design : Susana Riazuelo

Lighting Design : Nicolas Fischtel

Costumes : Inigo Aragon and "efectos secundarios" 

Production : Fabrice Edelmann

Photographer : Javier Garceche

Graphic Design : Rinaldo Sata

Set Design assistants: Rinaldo Sata & Nita Galindo

Collaborators : Hector Martinez  Ruiz  &  Laura Riazuelo

Performers : Tamako Akiyama, Fabrice Edelmann, Susana Riazuelo, Dimo Kirilov , Gentian Doda.